Van London naar Parijs

Dit is een verzameling van informatie over de rally.
Klik op een woord/link om bijvoorbeeld naar een route of plaats te kijken.

Start : 8am at Westminster City School 55 Palace St, London SW1E 5HJ

Route 1st July :
London to Brighton (1st July)
– This can be used in Google Maps (Driving) on your mobile.
Explanation how to use this link/route in Google Maps (worst ever explanation)

Route 2nd July :
Route given by Lewis converted to TomTom SatNav – Highway

Route given by Lewis converted to TomTom SatNav – Off Highway

On the way back to the Ferry in Dieppe :

I would advise to take the highway back to Dieppe for all electric vehicles.

Drive in column over the highway where the ‘slow’ electric vehicles and electric vehicles who almost will run out of power at the end, will ride upfront. All other electric vehicles will drive behind them to protect them from upcoming traffic behind.

Drive in column should have a (minimum?) speed of 90 km/h or 56 – 57 miles/hour to mimic the speed of (heavy) loaded truck/heavy lorry.
The reason for that is, that other car drivers are used to that kind of speed and anticipate the slow traffic in time and safely overtake the column.

(Secure) Parking space near the Hotel :
Please see this Google Maps link ( Parking Indigo Paris Joffre Ecole Militaire ) .
Max. Height : 1.9 meters.

How to get there (safely) :
The Tour Eiffel area is safe.
Around the hotel you will find quiet streets and if you wish a secure underground parking,
I would recommend the Indigo one, 2 place Joffre. It’s just opposite the hotel area 5 mn walking across Champ de Mars to the South East of it.

The best way to reach the hotel from A13 motorway is to take the exit to Peripherique Sud when you will arrive after the tunnel and the bridge over River Seine.

Then leave the Peripherique towards “Paris Centre” and turn left along the Seine,

keep right follow the Seine bank and cross the Seine at Bir Hakeim bridge.

Then you will go left and find the hotel area.

(Shout out to Pascal Hureau for giving this information)

Due to unrest in Paris the following text has been removed :

Route given by Harrison (2 u 24 min. – 197 km/124 miles, without charging stops )
Route given by Lewis Nyman.

– The route finishes at : 5 Quai André Citroën, 75015 Paris 

On the way back to the ferry I suggest you take the highway back.
To get in time back and not to miss the ferry.
Or you take the return senic route to Dieppe ( 2 u 58 min. – 178 km/89 miles.
Again, this calculation is without any charging stops! )

Hotel (finish) is located at : Hôtel Mercure Paris Centre Tour Eiffel,